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actress, singer and author of a reflexive book entitled Strange Roots.

Since graduating from the Janacek Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (where she studied acting) in 1967, she has been with a number of theatres (Carlsbad, Kladno, Prague Maringotka) and performed in a variety of roles (Antigone, Electra, The House of Dona Bernarda/Adela, Summer Guests/Karelia, and many others). Since 1986 she has been a freelance artist. She worked with the Free Association of Directors; in 1989, she excelled in the popular play Oh, Great Buddha, Help Them.

She has been invited as a guest to many theatres and participated in a number of stage projects, such as Modche and Rezi, Tajbele, and The Diner, as well as in film and TV, i.e.:


Hana Frejková
telefon: +420 777 110 260

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Strange Roots

November 2007 – book entitled Strange Roots is published by TORST. A reflexive book in which the author tries to reconstruct the lives of her parents together with searching for her own identity. More...
Reader's diary
  • The Fever (1986) director Jiří Svoboda
  • The Silent Mouse (GB, 1988) director Robin Crichon
  • Pass Check (CZ, 1990) director Jan Schmidt
  • Martha and I (CZ, 1990) director Jiří Weiss
  • Where Wolves Howl (France, 1993) director Laurent Boutonnat
  • Czech beetroot rhum (CZ, TV 1993) director Boro Radojčič
  • The Wolf Hunter (France, 1994)
  • Mother's Courage (Germany, 1995) director Michael Verhoeven
  • The Forgotten Light (CZ, 1996) director Vladimír Michálek
  • The Blunder (1998) director Jitka Němcová
  • The Bride For Paddy (1999) director Jitka Němcová, the Great Spectators Award winning film at the O. Hoffmann Festival
  • The Pressure (Germany, 2000)
  • The Resurrection (Italy, 2000), directors Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, awarded in the Moscow Film Festival in 2002
  • Citadela (Italy, 2002)
  • The Rise of Evil (CAN/USA, 2003), a film which got two Emmys and Elsa award 2005
  • Snowboarďáci (CZ, 2004), director Karel Janák, film got Czech Lion Award 2005
  • Maigret (CZ/IT, 2004), director Reanto de Maria
  • Mine-Haha (GB/IT/CZ, 2004), director John Irvin
  • 3+1 s Donutilem (CZ, 2005), director J. Němcová
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, director Andrew Adamson
  • Voskresenskaja (2010), director L. Belozorovic
  • Crimiserial (2012) crime TV series, director T. Szilvasi
  • Colette (2013) director Milan Cieslar
  • The Last Biker (2014) director J. Svoboda
  • Case 1 Department (2014) director D. Wlodarczyk
  • Child 44 (USA, 2014) director Daniel Espinosa
  • A Case for an Exorcist (CZ, 2014) director J. Hřebejk
  • Judge A.K.'s Life and Time (CZ, 2014) director R. Sedláček
  • Reportress (CZ, 2014) director Dan Svátek
  • Tannbach, Schicksal eines Dorfes - Fate of a village - miniserie (Germany.ZDF, 2015) director Alexander Dierbach
  • Me, Mattoni (CZ 2016) director Marek Najbrt
  • Anthropoid (GB,CZ,FR, 2016) director Sean Ellis
  • My garden (CZ series) director Michaela Bergmannová
  • The Zookeeper ’s wife (USA 2016) director Niki Caro
  • Mordparta (CZ 2016) - director Peter Bebjak
  • Bohemian (CZ 2016) - director Robert Sedláček
  • Dark country (CZ) - director Jitka Bártů
  • Lady and the King (CZ 2017) - director Petr Zahrádka
  • i2 movie (CZ 2018) director Kiril Todorov. Best silent film and Best film with a soundtrack composition at Fisheye film festival.
  • Rodinné případy (CZ -TV serie 2018) director Vladimír Balko
  • Lore ( USA 2018 serie, Hinterkaifeck: Ghosts in the Attic) director Christoph Schrewe.
  • Dubbing street ( CZ 2018) director Petr Zelenka
  • Modrý kod (CZ 2019 Milerova)
  • Atlantic crossing (Norway 2020) director Alexander Eik
  • Freud (Austria, Germany 2020) director Marvin Kren
  • Krajina ve stínu (CZ 2020) director Bohdan Sláma
  • Schody k moci (CZ 2022) - director Jiří Chlumský
  • Co tě nezabije … (CZ 2022) director Tomáš Pokorný

For several years, she worked with English language theatre groups in Prague; among others, she played the title role in The Enola, staged to commemorate the end of WWII.

She starred in American musicals Nunsense I and Nunsense II by D. Goggin,she cooperates with Theatre in Dlouhá. Her book entitled /Strange Roots/ was published by TORST.
In September 2021 she was granted the Personality of the Year award for artistic exposure in her performance "Invisible I. / Hannah" and in the movie “Hannah - just an ordinary life”. She is also engaged in singing traditional Jewish songs for a long time.

She says: "I sing songs that are close to my heart, that tell about human sorrow, grief and joy. Often, these songs are ironic, sentimental, nostalgic and still witty. It is the contrast between the sorrowful and the ironic, along with melody, that create the unusual tension, that makes these songs so unique. Each song I have ever sung has its own addressee; I have experienced each situation. My choice of songs and my way of their interpretation express my attitude to life and the way I cope with it.

March, April 2023  Productions of “Secret diary of Adrian Mole in his age of 13 and 3/4”, Instinct and Invisible I. / Hannah (April 25).
I was a quest of the Radio Classic in the programme From the archive of personalities.

January, February 2023  At the invitation of Ms. Zuzana Jürgens, director of Adalbert Stifter Verein, evenings with my book “Divný kořeny” (Strange Roots)

and film "Hannah – just an ordinary life" took place. Cooperation with the theatre Divadlo Na Hraně. Premiere of the Frances Poet’s play “Instinct” and a beautiful concert in Františkovy Lázně.

PF 2023! 

December 2022  At the invitation of Mr. Pavel Kosatik, a "Home Concert" took place in his home environment, whether you imagine a living room or a salon - both are possible!
And the Invisible I. / Hannah in Akropolis again.

Autumn 2022  – I have repeated my visit in Frankfurt on the Main having been invited by the “Initiative 9. November” society. In the bunker built in 1942 on the site of the former synagogue, my author's evening with the screening of the film "Hannah – just an ordinary life" took place. Beautiful places and great people.

Auguat, September 2022  My concerts continued in Čáslav, in renewed synagogue. In Tachov  on the "Dveře jízdárny dokořán”( Doors of the riding hall wide open) festival and me and my daughter Marianna took part in the Kunsthalle workshop with Michal Škapa a he incorporated our suggestions and those of five other participants, into the final shape!!
I also started to act in the Divadlo v Dlouhé theatre in the performance “Secret diary of Adrian Mole in his age of 13 and 3/4”

April, May, June 2022  I took part in Jakub Jansa’s project for "Museum of Literature”, and also in the pilot episode of the series "What won't kill you ..." directed by Tomáš Pokorný, which is dedicated to patients with multiple sclerosis, and I filmed with Jiří Chlumský "Steps to Power".

My concerts continued in Františkovy Lázně, in Carpe Diem, and I took part in the "No to War" Benefit in the Comedy Theatre.

 NO TO WAR / НІ ВІЙНІ  - The evening dedicated to poems and songs inn Czech and Ukrainian.

In the Memorial of Silence at Bubny Railway Station , I attended a reading of Eva Blechová's play "Night of the Train".

And I made the bachelor films "Accompaniment" with Vojta Konečný and "Joyful Flame”  with Ezra Šimek (photo Michael Lozano - in another e-mail)

February, March 2022  The performance Invisible I. / Hannah is still being repeated and ČT Art has bought our movie "Hannah - just an ordinary life " and it was broadcast on March 3 rd 2022!

I made an agreement with Dani Kolský to help Ukraine by selling my CDs. We started on Monday, March 14 th 2022 at Mamacoffee in Vodičkova Street. As a leitmotif I have chosen the song ´s brent  from Mordechaj Gebirtig.

It's burning and you stand there in mute amazement. It's burning, your city is burning Don't stand there with your hands folded!

I visited the Kurt and Ursula Schubert’s Centre of Judaic Strudies, FF UP Olomouc and I was a Radio Kašpar’s guest.

February 2022  After seven months Invisible I. / Hannah.Despite corona-virus, people came!

January 2022  - New video ze - Site-specific performance at Bubny Railway Station's Silence Memorial

PF 2022  PF 2022

November 2021  Critic Literární noviny

October 2021  Tour to Bremen and Frankfurt-Hattersheim - where evenings with the film “Hannah - just an ordinary life”, and talks with author of the book "Strange roots" and dicussions were organized.
Invitation by Lenka Dobrovská for a project of nostalgic monodrama in the café "Konec dobrých starých časů" in the framework of … příští vlna/next wave ... festival.
Hannah's site-specific performance at the Bubny Railway Station's Silence Memorial..A Journey - a journey in time - a journey in personal history - a journey, like a path along the fatal scenes of the 20th century, a journey - like a search for yourself, your place in the world, your right to a meaningful life. Hannah is a woman who has never given up. During the journey along the tracks, on the platform and in the waiting room, through singing, verses and narration, we discover who Hannah really is.

September 2021  the festival … příští vlna/next wave … She has got the Personality of the Year award dedicated to publicist, Yiddish songs singer and actress Hana Frejková both artistic and personal exposure in her performance "Invisible I. / Hannah" and in the movie “Hannah - just an ordinary life”.
An interview for Tsunami magazin.

August 2021  After a year pause we finally gave a concert in Mikulov and in the Komedie theater on the occasion of the launch of the book by Zuzana Augustová, "Experiment jako kritika nacismu" (Experiment as a critique of Nazism).

PF 2021 

October - December 2020  in the sign of coronavirus. All concerts and performances have been canceled. We prepared the autobiography Hannah for camera and shot under the name Hannah - ordinary life, directed by Miřenka Čechová, camera Barbora Johansson. The premiere was on December 27th, 2020 and I can revaeal now that the video/film will be taken over by the ČTArt and it will be broadcasted in three years.

August - September 2020  I took part in an international project - reading the play Jewish Enough for Hitler written by Hadar Galron which was organized by Israel + AJT (Association of Jewish theatres in the US). It was performed online with the Theatre Ariel based in Philadelphia, PA. by a group of people from all over the world, Chicago and Philly in the US, Israel, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Directed by Jeremy Aluma & Executive Director at Alliance for Jewish Theatre. It was performed via Zoom on Tuesday, August 18, 11am - 2pm Central Time (12pm - 3pm Pacific Time, 6pm - 9pm Central European Time, 7pm - 10pm Israel Time).
On September 13, we performed at the reunveiling of the statue of Sir Nicholas Winton at Central Station.

September 2020  Invisible I. / Hannah - premiere of an autobiographic performance about a woman who solves her relationship with her mother, strives for her professional ranking, tries to have a comprehensive family, where both parents and children function properly, and last but not least, tries to assert even in the last period of her life!

This time it 's in a different approach than in my book Strange roots and also it 's the first time I act under my native name - Hannah! Director Miřenka Čechová.

Year 2020!  Jewish Culture Week in Cheb! Great concert in Cheb!!!

Facebook: Coming from France to Cheb for two weeks and arrived just the day before, I have been there in public library for your concert. It was wonderfull. Congratulations and thanks a lot for this pleasure to hear you! Salih Bozok.

This time we played in the wine bar, Carpe Diem Flora. And again in permanent engagement in Františkovy Lázně.

PF 2020 

Winter 2019  - The concert in the Divadlo v Dlouhé theatre, this time dedicated to composers. During the evening, the fates of authors of Yiddish songs and their life anabases, that has often ended in America, were introduced. International chanson festival "Burning Garden 2019” . Professional workshop for students of Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica and the concert in the Kinosál SNP.

Autumn 2019  - “Stavitelé písku” (Sand Builders) – an artistic collage, where fragments and paraphrases of Arabic, Hebrew and Persian poetry are compared with diplomatic correspondence, speeches and statements, daily news - in a framework of the Next Wave festival.
The literary tour "Milena Jesenská ve stínu a záři Franze Kafky” (Milena Jesenská in the shadow and light of Franz Kafka), the film “Once upon a time in Praque 7”, of Sean Taylor, a student of the FAMU International film.

July 2019  - A concert in the frame of Chribská Cultural Summer.

Summer 2019  - Joseph Roth Poster Street Exhibition. The concert at the opening of the exhibition "Unbreakable" from Franz Kafka to the Velvet Revolution, organized by the Aleš South Bohemian Gallery and the Municipal House in Prague.

Spring 2019  - Shooting of the film "Landscape in the shade” - a story about the coexistence of Czechs and Germans during the Second World War and just after it ended. A story based on real events. Director Bohdan Sláma.

March 2019  - Commemorative Concert "Platform Poprad - Auswitz”. The first transport from Slovakia with 1,000 women, one of them returned. Spring concert in Dlouhá, Františkovy Lázně, Plzeň - this time the concert was a part of the “Year of Jewish Composers”, their fates and living ways.

New year 2019  - Pf 2019!

December 2018  - Chanukah Concerts in the Maisel Synagogue and in Liberec.

Summer - Autumn 2018  - Concerts in Plzeň, in Brno with book “Strange roots”, Olomouc.

May 2018  - The book fair 'Svět knihy' at the railway station Bubny. Talking about strange roots with Jan Burian in occasion of launching the audiobook ‘Strange roots’. Spring concert in Theatre in Dlouhá, guest Zdenek Zelba, the violinist from the Czech Philharmonic.

April 2018  - Meeting Hana Frejková. Presentation of the audiobook and discussion with the publicist Adam Drda.

March 2018  - Václav Havel's Library: Presentation of the audiobook and the concert of Yiddish songs. Interview for the Téma magazine.

New year 2018   - PF 2018 The new year 2018 again with the audiobook and concerts.

November 2017  - Rumburk, Secondary graphic school. Meeting and discussing with students. Great atmosphere! Interview for the Vital magazine.

October 2017  - The audiobook ‘Strange roots' is here! See the review: here The audiobook is based on my book with the same name and was created thanks to contributions of my fans on Hit-hit website. It was introduced in Old synagogue in Plzeň, then during the Book Fair in Havlíčkův Brod (with Radioservis, a.s., the coproducer) and finally in the Theatre in Dlouhá together with the concert of the group Yiddish Threesome. You can buy the audiobook in the Czech radio shop, Vinohradská 12, Prague 2, during our concerts, also on and here.

September 2017  - Concert in Potvorov in the St. Nicholas church. By visiting the concert people have contributed to the reconstruction of this Romanesque object.

August 2017  - Jaroslav Fragner’s Gallery in the frame of Open-air-arena-betlemske-namesti-2017 'Dement Lemach’, one-act play by Jacob Gordin with a concert of songs in Yiddish.

April, May, June, July 2017  - Preparing to launching of the audiobook ‘Strange roots’ and concerts in Polná, Theatre in Dlouhá and shooting the TV series 'Lady and the King’.

April 2017  Author’s reading and discussion at the Philosophical Faculty of the University J. E. Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem and an interview in the Australian magazine Čechoaustralan.

Spring 2017  the Maisel synagogue again: the Yiddish sketch ‘Dement Lemach’ by Jacob Gordin, where Hana Frejková has returned to the naturalistic acting of the beginning of the twentieth century and of course Yiddish songs. The same great evenings a concert in Karlovy Vary and another one in a beautiful newly restored synagogue at Polná.

December 2016  "Colourful Thursday", a meeting with creative people in the Central Library in Prague, Mariánské náměstí.

The end of 2016  has caught us in Trutnov on the Nine Gates festival, November 9th at Třeboň in the newly reconstructed Štěpán Netolický's house laying the "stumbling stones" of the Brody family, Our autumn concert with our guest Honza Meduna and his trumpet in the “Divadlo v Dlouhé” theatre.

September 2016  We have participated the Hawdal concert once more in the splendid synagogue in Wroclaw.

Summer 2016  Concert in the newly reconstructed synagogue in Březnice also concerts in Františkovy Lázně, Plzeň and Jindřichův Hradec.

June 2016  Maisel synagogue - Jacob Gordin: Dement Lemach - Theatre of one actor and Yiddish songs. That evening Hana Frejková returns to the naturalistic acting in the beginning of the twentieth century. Sixs roles played by one actress!

Duben, květen, 2016  Author's reading of book Strange Roots - Olomouc, The Kurt and Ursula Schubert Centre for JewishStudies, the Shape - review.
An evening in memory of birth of writer Lenka Reiner, concert in synagogue in Ledeč.

Jaro 2016  Acting in Czech serials 'Mordparta’ and ‘Bohemian'. Concert in the Theatre at Dlouhá - this time with trumpet!

Happy New Year 2015!  Sweeten with THREESOME

December 2015  The first reading of the Martin Falář's play „Šťastnou cestu“ (Have a Nice Trip); Review

November 2015  For the 20th concert in the Theatre at Dlouhá I've invited the first leader of my band, the violinist Zdeněk Zelba.
I've finished shooting of the movie „The Zookeeper's wife“ with Jessica Chastain according to the Diane Ackerman's book. Directed by Niki Caro, screenplay by Angela Workman.

October 2015  The conference named „Non-legal judicature in totalitarian state“ under the auspices of Robert Pelikán, the minister of justice. In cooperation with 'Bremen Association of Judges'.

25-27.9 2015  'Jewish Culture days' in Mikulov - Author's reading of my book Strange Roots and the concert in the Efram Gallery.

September 2015  Next Wave Festival evening, the theme of the festival was terrorism and devils. I joined it with Jacob Gordin's playlet 'The Wild Man' (in original 'Der wilde Mensch') - 'Dement Lemach' in our version, that inspired F. Kafka to write 'The Metamorphosis.

Summer 2015  Shooting of the series „My little garden“ for children and the movie „Polednice“ (Noonday Witch) by M. Samir, J. Sládek and M. Chlupáček.

June 2015  The evening dedicated to a Romanian authoress Lena Constante and her book Silent Escape. In a private club of the Babalon magazine on the Libeň Island in the area of the 46. base organization of the Czech Gardening Union.

Spring 2015  During the spring months we have performed concerts in Kladno, Trutnov, Františkovy Lázně and also in the newly restored synaogogue in Plzeň.

February 2015  Portrait in Broadcast weekly (PDF). Concert in the Theatre in Dlouhá.

Happy New Year 2015!   In 2014, I've opened a blog in the Divadelní noviny (Theatre News) with reflections of some cultural events

Autumn 2014  was featured by festivals in Banská Bystrica dedicated to Chava Reich, Days of Jewich Culture in Český Těšín in athe well-known cafe Avion/niova, in the renewed synagogue in Čkyně and of course on aour home stage in the Theatre in Dlouhá.

Rok 2014  Further in 2014, there were some more concerts and also several film roles, e.g. in TV series Judge A. K.'s Life and Time (Czech Television), The First Department (Czech Television), Reportress (Czech Television) and in the three-part German series for ZDF Tannbach, Schicksal eines Dorfes - Fate of a village.

In spring 2014  we were traveling around Europe with our Yiddish THREESOME tour. We were singing in Zagreb in a frame of a festival "Jews in Europe - Berlin, Vienna, Prague". Concert was organized by the Czech Embassy in Croatia with the assistance of the ambassador Mr. Martin Košatka. At this tour we had a guest - clarinetist Pepíno Von Dráček, the frontman of a band "Trombenik". The Swiss concerts were following in Basel and Zurich.

The beginning of the year 2014  was accompanied by Old Czech songs at birthday party in a bar. Further concerts were held in Prague and Liberec and new critic on our CD Jidiš VE TŘECH came out.

Listopad 2013  Concerts in Prague and Berlin.

October 31 2013  Theater in Dlouhá Concert with a presentation on new CD.

Léto 2013  Recording studio Smečky, concert and book presentation in Slavonice.

June 12, 2013  concert at the occasion of preparing "SOA Memorial " and the "Kaddish" exhibition.

Spring 2013 5th concert of Yiddish songs in the Theatre in Dlouha, in frame of festival "Prague - The Heart of Nations" on Old Town Ssquare and in the Vinohradské divadlo, at the market at Charles Sguare and at the newly restored Synagogue in Kosova Hora. More...

January, February 2013  Yaer has started with concerts in Maiselova street, Great Synagogue in Plzen, in Franzesbad and with reading from the book "Strange roots" in Municipal Library in Pisek.

PF 2013

November, December 2012 in addition to concerts also some Readings from the book "Strange Roots". Last one in Cologne.

2.12.2012 Telefonoteka - invited by Marketa Vejvodova - talk show about the music and the book "Strange Roots".

September 2012 Finally, we have finished video from our last concert!

March 2012 concert in Schwalbach at Frankfurt am Mainz and purim concert in Düsseldorf.

8.November 2011 - concert within the program "Stolpersteine 2011" by artist Gunter Demnig. Frankfurt am Mainz - Hattersheim.

FF UP Olomouc

5.10.2011 - Kurt and Ursula Schubert Center of Jewish Studies at the Philosophical Faculty of Palacký University. A video preview from the concert at the occasion of ceremonial initiation of new academic and Jewish year.


June, July 2011 she sang with "Yiddish IN THREE" group in Frankfurt am Mainz, Munich, Mikulov and she sang also at the festival "Šamajim" in Třebíč.


1.7.2011 the documentary "Čtenářský deník Hany Frejkové" (Reading diary of Hana Frejková) was broadcast by ČT2 (Channel 2).


March, April 2011 Concerts in Weiden, Františkovy Lázně, Wroclaw.


February 2011 "... but first of all the same bed. Did you mean abyss?" evening composed from poetry by Marina Cvetajeva. Director: Irena Žantovská, music: Tomáš Reindl

November 2010 - First night of "Smart Sam and Dull Gimpl" based on motives from I. B. Singer's short stories at the "U Valšů" theatre.


April 2010 - New project "Yiddish IN THREE" with clarinettist Milan Potoček and accordionist Slávek Brabec..


In 2009 she was engaged mostly in concerts. Among others in Rotterdam, in Nýrsko - for Adalbert Stifter Verein, also in Macedonian Opera and Ballet in Skopje - organised by the Czech Embassy

November 2008 - Rozhlas Weekly 1/2009, K. Vlčková

"Hana Frejková, in the Modern story cycles on CR-Vltava radio, read her own short story - Klema’s Last Charwoman.."

Strange Roots

Kniha Divný kořeny

November 2007 – her book entitled Strange Roots is published by TORST.
A reflexive book in which the author tries to reconstruct the lives of her parents together with searching for her own identity.

“In her search, Hana Frejková did not use the time-tested procedure employed by authors involved in the events /.../ and did not rely solely upon her memory. When working on her biography /Strange Roots/, she had to deal with a lack of primary information about her family and had to search not only in her family archives, but also in state archives containing official and police documents or even documents concerning national security. She did not find /life/ in them and, for that matter, not even answers to all of her questions, but she succeeded in combining her memories and memories of persons close to her with the /imprint of life/ abstracted from those archival documents. She worked with these official documents in a very personal and courageous way, despite the fact that it must have been considerably painful for her. In my opinion, her dramatic and profound attempt at catharsis is unparalleled in Czech memoir literature.”
Pavel Žáček

Reviews in press:

CD Dire-gelt

On September 2, 2007, she and Michal Hromek released Dire-gelt, a CD of songs in Yiddish, on the occasion of 100th anniversary of the synagogue in Děčín.

Memorial Friedberger Anlage

In 2006, Hana Frejková performed at the reputable Memorial Friedberger Anlage in Frankfurt-am-Main. Video: large(7MB) / small(2MB) file


Since April 2006, she has worked with Theatre in Dlouhá, acting in Masquerade, or Phantom of the Opera by Terry Pratchett, directed by Hana Burešová. Since May 2007, she has been involved in another project, Club of Lost Talents, featuring songs originally performed within the walls of the Jewish ghetto in Terezín during World War II. This production pays homage to all Terezín artists who lost their talents, as well as their lives, in the turmoil of history.

Foto from Nine Gates festival

In 2004 she sang at the " 9 gates" festival in "Duo in Three" group, to which she invited the violinist Alexander Schonert.

CD Prager Tandlmarkt

Mrs Frejkova has been performing traditional Jewish songs for a number of years.She sang with Jioí Pavlica in the TV programme They meet (Sešli se) and in the Prague Season Festival in Paris in 2002 with the group Prager Tandlmarkt.

z muzikálu Jeptišky

She starred in American musicals Nunsense I and Nunsense II by D. Goggin and several years in the Jewish cabaret Long Live the Life written by Jacob Luria (Israel). The cabaret consists of scatches and songs by Karel Švenk, Leo Strauss and others who were deported to Theresienstadt (Terezín) and art became a way of survival in the ghetto.

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